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Southwest Montana Bear Education, Outreach, Prevention

GOAL$150,000 for 2 Years

Southwest Montana’s bear education program has been a huge success; so much so that it cannot meet the demand it faces to help educate schools and the community for bear and human safety.

Hands-on education efforts include:

  • A bear trailer for visits to bear fairs and outreach events, bear mount, skulls and other hands-on tools to teach about bear biology.
  • Bear spray demos.
  • A simulated “charging bear” on tracks to demonstrate the dramatic speed at which a bear can charge and how quickly we need to draw bear spray!
  • Homeowner education: Examples of bear deterrents, such as electric fencing and bear proof containers.

Expanding this successful and proven program to year-round will increase contact with the public during hunting season and with school kids through a winter education program. It will also increase education efforts in the spring when bears emerge from dens.

Your help in expanding this critical program will better ensure human safety and that bears stay wild. A donation of $250 helps support one outreach visit to a school or community.

We could not continue working to preserve the Magic that is Montana without generous support from our donors.

Our Donors