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What We Do

Working with Montana's Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department and other partners, we support high priority and scientifically sound fish and wildlife conservation projects and conservation education efforts across Montana. Additionally, we ensure that outdoor enthusiasts have access to Montana's public lands and streams.

We can only do this through your support. Private/public partnerships have made our state one of the last pristine spots in our country. Through your help, we work to ensure that we can work and play here and still maintain the quality of outdoor experience that we have come to enjoy. A healthy balance between industry, ranchers, farmers, business owners, recreationists and wildlife and wild lands is critical. We strive to maintain that balance and work with partners to always keep an eye on our beloved wild places.


We support a variety of projects annually from a number of sources including private donors, grants from foundations and income from our endowments.


Trust management fees, which we receive as the trust manager for the Montana Fish and Wildlife Conservation Trust, are also used to fund our programs and projects.


Projects we typically fund fall into the following categories of wildlife/wildlands management and care, education and access projects. We invite you to browse our projects and give to your favorite. Or let us put your gift to work to help fund the highest priority projects.