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Business Memberships

Corporate Sponsorship and Partnerships

Montana is a great place to live and work. But such an outdoor treasure takes us all working together!

In addition to being the last best place in terms of wildlife and the outdoor opportunities, Montana is home to vibrant and diverse businesses, many which rely on Montana’s outdoors to support their endeavors or to provide an unmatched place for doing business, attracting quality employees and raising families.

Only through private/public partnerships can we maintain the quality of life that allows us to attract key employees, enjoy the great outdoors, unmatched quality of life and thriving businesses.

MTOLF serves as an outdoor “community” foundation to ensure the wildlife, spectacular views, inspiring landscapes and natural resources for which this state is famous for remain open and accessible forever. Become a member today and join the growing list of businesses who are helping to leave a legacy of the outdoors in Montana for future generations.

Annual Membership Levels

  • $100 to $250: Outdoor Club
  • $250-$500: Big Sky Club
  • $501 to $1000: Stewardship Club
  • $1001-$5000: Legacy Club
  • Over $5,001: Montana’s Outdoor Future Club

Ideas to help you reach your desired membership level

  • Sponsorship and accompanying recognition for specific programs such as grizzly bear research, Montana WILD youth education, Hooked on Fishing, hunter ethics programs, Montana Outdoor Hall of Fame, Harlequin ducks, mule deer research and more! See project portfolio for specific projects.
  • Host “Round-up” or “add a dollar” days in your business.
  • Encourage and match employee giving.
  • Provide in-kind services or product.
  • General program fund where support can be applied where it’s needed most for projects throughout the state or in your region
  • Get your Montana’s Outdoor Legacy Foundation Member sticker for a $250 annual donation with listing on our website and in our annual report. (insert sticker here)