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Southwest Montana Bear Education, Outreach, Prevention


Helping ensure human safety and that bears stay wild in this area of rapid human population growth and increasing Grizzly populations.

Hands-on education efforts include:

  • A bear trailer for visits to bear fairs and outreach events, bear mount, skulls and other hands-on tools to teach about bear biology.
  • Bear spray demos.
  • A charging bear on tracks to demonstrate the dramatic speed at which a bear can charge and how quickly we need to draw bear spray!
  • Homeowner education: examples of bear deterrents, such as electric fencing and bear proof containers.

Conservation Education for Montana’s Kids: Montana WILD


Help bring conservation education to thousands more of Montana’s kids throughout the state. Montana WILD hosts programs on grizzly bears, mountain lions, Montana’s native fish, wolves, wolverines and more. We’re teaming up with Montana WILD to bring their proven programs “on-the-road” throughout the state:

Traveling WILD

Travelling educational van with supplies, materials and hands-on learning activities to bring Montana WILD programs onsite to outlying schools and communities all around Montana. Includes interactive distance learning and video conferencing options for schools.

Expanded Aquatic Education

Help bring FWP’s successful “Hooked on Fishing Program” to more Montana students throughout the state and integrate hands-on learning and fishing experiences into this important aquatic education program. Fishing supplies and instruction needed!

Becoming an Outdoor Woman


Montana Becoming an Outdoor Woman is a unique workshop which allows women in Montana to learn and hone skills that enhance and encourage participation in hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. Women of all ages take part in skill classes including: archery, fly fishing, shotgun and rifle classes, wilderness survival, kayaking, native gardening, photography, snowshoeing, ice fishing and more!