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We fund a variety of projects annually from a number of sources including private donors, grants from foundations and income from our endowments.

Trust management fees which we receive as the trust manager for the Montana Fish and Wildlife Conservation Trust are also used to fund our programs and projects.

Montana's Outdoor Legacy Foundation

Southwest Montana Bear Education, Outreach, Prevention

Hands-on education efforts include: A bear trailer for visits to bear fairs and outreach events, bear mount, skulls and other hands-on tools to teach about bear biology. Bear spray demos. […] continue

Harlequin Duck

Only about 200 pairs nest in Montana, many of which can be found in or near Glacier National Park. Harlequin ducks are considered a Species of Concern in Montana because […] continue

Invasive Species Fund

We are teaming with Senator Daines, Governor Bullock, Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Flathead Lake Biological Station and other non-profits and public agencies to prevent invasive mussels from spreading into Montana […] continue

Wolverine Connectivity

Maintaining wolverine distribution in suitable habitat and connectivity in their range, at a multi-state scale, is critical for ensuring wolverine survival over the long term. State and federal agencies in […] continue

Grizzly Bear Recovery Project

Despite their healthy populations within the Northern Continental Divide and Yellowstone Ecosystems, the success of grizzly bear recovery depends on establishing connectivity of these two populations and the further expansion […] continue

Raptor Monitoring and Citizen Science

There are three components to raptor monitoring. Of key interest has been the golden eagle as populations are decreasing and it is important to understand why 1. Aerial surveys 2. […] continue


This study will potentially shed light on the habitats bats prefer in Western Montana and support conservation of bat populations which contribute billions of dollars of ecosystem services each year […] continue

High Elevation Species

Little is known about Montana’s high elevation species including rosy finches, ptarmigan, and pika. The more we know about these species the better poised we are to enact conservation measures […] continue

Montana’s Outdoor Legacy Foundation is an outdoor community foundation set up to receive cash, credit cards, checks, pledges, gifts of stocks or other securities, life insurance beneficiary or other deferred or estate giving mechanisms, land, gifts of products or services or other personal property that will forward our mission.

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