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Grizzly Bear, Mountain Lion and Wolf Management


The state of Montana is a stronghold for species like grizzly bears, wolves and mountain lions and their presence here is not accidental. Strong recovery programs, active education, proactive management and a tolerant public ensure that montana’s population for these species is not only strong but growing.

Despite their healthy populations, the success of grizzly bears, wolves and mountain lions in Montana is not without challenges, particularly to human residents.

Growth in the wildlife population alongside Montana’s growing human population and dramatic increases in outdoor tourism, illustrated by more than a doubling of visitors in Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks in recent years, present biologist and wildlife managers with major challenges for maintaining healthy and safe coexistence of these species and people. Active education and management programs have been identified as the keys to success.

Funds are needed for outreach, education, research and management efforts to address and prevent conflicts.

Funding needs across Montana include:

  • Interns and seasonal biologists – $16,000 per biologist
  • Bear Lockers & Canisters – $300 to $700
  • Argos GPS Collars – $4,000 per collar
  • Electric Fencing – $1,000 average
  • Traps for relocation and intervention – $???
  • Education Coordinators and seasonal biologists – $30,000 – $50,000