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Walking 2019 miles for the Cause of the Grizzly

Madelon Martin - Grizzly Walk 2019
Madelon Martin


This past January I committed to a team to walk 2019 miles this year. Just for fun. While hiking my part of the miles, I decided to also walk 2019 miles on my own and raise funds for my other passion, grizzly bears. Walking 2019 miles in one year at age 66 is a daunting task, but your donations will support and motivate me to walk every one of them and if possible even more!

As a volunteer for the MT Fish, Wildlife and Parks grizzly bear management specialist Region 1, I know first hand how much of what he needs is depending on donations…like for instance radio collars or electric fence chargers. Even the position of an assistant for the specialist, a technician, is fully funded by donations.

Grizzly bear management is super important. Not only for the grizzly him- or herself, but for everybody/everything who/that live in grizzly bear country. With a steadily growing (and managed) number of bears and an increasing number of people who grow orchards and veggie gardens and who own pets, livestock, chickens, etc, managing the grizzlies is vitally important to avoid possible bear-human conflicts (preventing, mitigating, resolving). This managing requires a lot of money.

All of the available funds will go to the grizzly bear management project. If you want to make a tax deductible donation, please go to, an important fund raising foundation for the Montana FWP, and donate to my fundraiser there which is exactly the same one as here but tax deductible. Or you can send a check directly to me in name of the Montana Outdoor Legacy Foundation with the memo MT FWP Grizzly Management Specialist Region 1. All donations, small, large and everything in between will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support shown to me by donating to this worthy cause!

Madelon Martin

Grizzly Walk Donation

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Please call the Foundation’s Executive Director, J Mitch King at 406-897-2570 to if you have any questions regarding this donation, or email