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Grizzly Bear Conservation

Grizzly bear conservation in Montana is exciting and complex.

Bear Cubs

Grizzly Bear Conservation

Please call or email Executive Director Mitch King (406-897-2570 / if you have questions.

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Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and Montana’s Outdoor Legacy Foundation are dedicated to scientifically rigorous bear population monitoring, research and mortality reduction efforts. Together, we work with property owners and respond to grizzly bear conflicts across Montana‚Äôs landscape. We protect critical grizzly bear habitat while working with local communities to promote safe coexistence.

We need your help with an emerging issue. Grizzly bear cubs that are orphaned due to natural and human related events face an unlikely chance of survival on their own in the wild. A recent incident left three very young cubs alone and on their own. Thanks to the help of local ranchers who rescued them and notified FWP bear specialists, we are providing temporary refuge while we seek a long-term placement solution, which requires considerable time and resources. As bear populations continue to grow in Montana, this type of situation will only become more common. We need your help funding the construction of a temporary holding facility for these young cubs and future orphans to buy us time to search for an accredited zoological facility for permanent placement. Please help cubs like these by contributing to our Grizzly Bear Conservation Fund.