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Dennis Konopatzke

Executive Director Columbia Falls, MT and Dallas, TX

Dennis is an attorney and businessman from Columbia Falls, Montana, and Dallas, Texas.  Dennis is an active outdoors person who enjoys hunting and fishing.  After serving on the board since 2002, Dennis board term expired and now serves as executive director.   Dennis can be reached at or 817-510-6613

Jane Ratzlaff

Former Executive Director Columbia Falls, MT

Jane has left MTOLF to pursue her consulting career with Ratzlaff Consulting.   She can be reached at   Please contact Dennis Konopatzke at 817-510-6613 or Errol Rice at 406-439-2029 for information regarding MTOLF.   Thank you and enjoy the outdoors!!

Jane took the helm as executive director on January 1, 2015. Jane is a native Montanan, born in Conrad, where her father was in the newspaper and advertising business. She graduated from CMR in Great Falls and Montana State University. Prior to beginning her consulting career in the fall of 2013, Jane was the Executive Director for the Glacier National Park Fund for 8 years and VP of Development for the University of Montana Foundation. She spent most of her career in education before taking the job with the Glacier National Park Fund and becoming passionately involved in preserving, protecting and sharing the outdoor experience which she has enjoyed all her life. In addition to her consulting business, Ratzlaff Consulting, Jane also helps her husband, Henry, run his company, A2Z Electric, and daughter, Brittany, with her Glacier Coffee House.  Jane can be reached at  cell 406-871-0601 or