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Who We Are

Montana’s Outdoor Legacy Foundation is proud to be the vehicle through which those who love Montana’s land can support wildlife and wildland conservation, education and access to the places and outdoor opportunities we all enjoy.

Montana’s Outdoor Legacy Foundation is the umbrella organization for conservation in Montana. We support a variety of outdoor experiences, access, wildlife projects and other non-profit partners.   Our main partner is Fish, Wildlife and Parks.


Montana is truly an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise full of prairies, forests, water, cliffs, valleys, wildlife and flora. The memories we make, surrounded by Montana’s breathtaking scenery, are truly priceless. Whether your favorite outdoor experience is hiking, fishing, hunting or reading a book by a bubbling stream, Montana has the perfect moment to offer up.


Some of us enjoy taking pictures of the awe-inspiring scenery, catching a glimpse of a grizzly cub or watching a herd of elk grazing contently in a field; while others revel in the joy of taking a young child for their first outing, sledding with family or watching the proud display of the first fish! Whatever that priceless memory entails, we know the future lies in our hands.

Join us in ensuring the Montana outdoor legacy continues!