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Montana Outdoor Hall of Fame

Announcing the Class of 2018!

We have inducted 26 amazing individuals into the Hall of Fame. Now we are proud to announce the selection of the class of 2018! The following individuals will be inducted in the Montana Outdoor Hall of Fame on December 1st, 2018:

  1. Charles Allard and Michel Pablo
  2. Dale Burk
  3. Gail Small
  4. George Grant
  5. Helen and Arnold Bolle
  6. Jack Atcheson, Sr.
  7. Jack Ward Thomas
  8. Len and Sandy Sargent
  9. PD Skaar
  10. Phil Tawney and Robin Tawney-Nichols
  11. Smoke Elser
  12. Stan Meyer

The Hall of Fame was created to honor individuals, both living and posthumous, who made significant and lasting contributions to the restoration and conservation of Montana’s wildlife and wild places.

The focus of the awards is not only to recognize Montana’s historical and contemporary conservation leaders, but also to capture the stories of these individuals in an effort to contribute to public awareness and education.

Jim Posewitz has been the force behind the creation of the Montana Outdoor Hall of Fame. Jim had the idea after attending the 7th annual Wyoming Outdoor Hall of Fame banquet as a guest speaker. When he returned to Montana he approached various non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, The Montana Historical Society and Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks to create an Outdoor Hall of Fame for Montana. He was met with a good response, which resulted in organizing members and securing funding. Now chaired by Thomas Baumeister, the committee is still active in recognizing people that have paved the way for quality conservation in Montana and helping future stewards through seeing how others have individually made a difference.

Besides Montana’s Outdoor Legacy Foundation, our primary sponsors are the Cinnabar Foundation and NorthWestern Energy. Other partners involved in the Hall of Fame include Montana Historical Society, Montana Wildlife Federation, Montana Wilderness Association, Montana Trout Unlimited, and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Additional sponsorships are available. To learn more, contact Ariel Rademaker at

The Outdoor Hall of Fame was featured in the Montana Outdoors Magazine. Hall of Fame inductees will be archived at the Montana Historical Society.


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